Dijital Pazarlama ve Web Tasarım Hizmetleri

22 Yıllık Deneyim ile yepyeni bir Sosyal Medya ve Dijital Pazarlama ve Web sitesi, on-line satış siteleri kurulum ve tasarım hizmetleri ile firmalarınızı dijital dünyada temsil ediyoruz.


Sosyal Medya ve Dijital Pazarlama Yönetimi

We represent your companies in the digital world with a brand new approach to social media and marketing management thanks to our 22 years of expertise.


Every each day social media and people’s behaviours and perspective towards it changing.


Social media and digital marketing management that set over strategies convenient to ever-changing world trends is a key to success. As DBK Design and BHS Development (Improvement, Evolution, Progress Group) bunlardan bu grubun amacına hangisi daha uygun olursa onu yerleştirebilirsin. Group we stand out many other companies that deliver social media management service thanks to a communicative language specially developed for your brand or firm pursuant to your marketing strategy. Thanks to this new and special language, we do not just publish images with a couple of marketing clichés, we produce content that will enhance ties between you and your customer by videos, dubbings, campaigns, interactions and so on.


A new approach to web site design and SEO management with 22 years of experience.


Our main area of expertise is web designing that we have started 22 years ago. Throughout 22 years, we witnessed and practiced so many alterations and developments of web technologies and that differentiates and makes us stand out from our competitors.


Another distinctive feature of our company is that we do not think that web designing is just a visual interface that people see and experience. Web designing is a sophisticated work consisting of content generating, licenced image use, design work, search engine optimization that acquires maximum performance from search results, accurate and qualified language translation and so on.


If you would like to have a website that truly represents you, increases your business potential, makes you expand overseas, help you to be found on top placed results on search engines with the help of minimum cost social media and digital marketing management, then you may contact us.


Thanks to our expertise in e-commerce we can establish best with website solutions for you and make you reach high sales figures also in e-commerce sites such as Trendyol, Hepsiburada, N11 and so on.